Notion: Trigger on new entry in database

Hi, I set up a workflow triggered by new entry in Notion database.
When I test the workflow, everything is ok. Step by step, or the entire flow.
But, when workflow published, when a new entry (a new row in database) is created, the workflow does not start. I can’t see the run in the “runs” section. No success, no error…

How can you help please?

Hello @flagnico,

Something to note here, the trigger isn’t instant, so you might have to wait a few minutes for it to run. Do new entries not show even after a while?

Hi! I have similar problem.
Web panel prints that the flow should runs every 5 minutes
but flow doesn’t run (I can’t see the run in the “runs” section).

I use self hosted solution.

Hi there @swimmwatch welcome to our community :star:

Are you running the latest version of Activepieces ? and could you please make sure there are no errors in your terminal that’s running Activepieces ?

@Abdul yes, i use v0.15.0.

There are no errors in Activepieces Docker container.

@Abdul @MoShizzle I have noticed that the event “Update Database Item” emits when create new database item. If edit some database item (for example: change some property value) then event “Update Database Item” doesn’t emit.

All this runs were triggered by “Create Database Item” event:

I’m having the same issue. In looking at my logs it APPEARS that the notion hook is being executed when I make a change to my notion database. What else should I look at to troubleshoot?

2024-02-18 08:56:07 {"level":30,"time":1708271767524,"pid":8,"hostname":"d244183ce003","reqId":"req-fs","req":{"method":"GET","url":"/v1/worker/app-connections/notion?projectId=JnQPrzGxE2a123PZT2CFW","hostname":"","remoteAddress":"","remotePort":42328},"msg":"incoming request"}
2024-02-18 08:56:07 {"level":30,"time":1708271767527,"pid":8,"hostname":"d244183ce003","reqId":"req-fs","res":{"statusCode":200},"responseTime":2.5827500000596046,"msg":"request completed"}
2024-02-18 08:56:10 {"level":30,"time":1708271769966,"pid":8,"hostname":"d244183ce003","msg":"sandbox, command: cd /usr/src/app/dist/packages/server/api/sandbox/0 && cross-env-shell AP_CODE_SANDBOX_TYPE=NO_OP AP_PIECES_SOURCE=CLOUD_AND_DB NODE_OPTIONS=--enable-source-maps  \"/usr/local/bin/node\" main.js EXECUTE_TRIGGER_HOOK"}
2024-02-18 08:56:10 {"level":30,"time":1708271770499,"pid":8,"hostname":"d244183ce003","reqId":"req-ft","req":{"method":"GET","url":"/v1/worker/app-connections/notion?projectId=JnQPrzGxE2a123PZT2CFW","hostname":"","remoteAddress":"","remotePort":42342},"msg":"incoming request"}
2024-02-18 08:56:10 {"level":30,"time":1708271770501,"pid":8,"hostname":"d244183ce003","reqId":"req-ft","res":{"statusCode":200},"responseTime":2.2836670000106096,"msg":"request completed"}
2024-02-18 08:56:10 {"level":30,"time":1708271770516,"pid":8,"hostname":"d244183ce003","reqId":"req-fu","req":{"method":"POST","url":"/v1/store-entries","hostname":"","remoteAddress":"","remotePort":42348},"msg":"incoming request"}