NOTION: Optimizing integration (+ triggers and + actions)

Notion integration improviments

It would be great to see more integrations with notion as currently there are only basic triggers and actions with the database.

I know I put a lot of trigger actions here, but this shows how much more flexible automation could be with Notion.

This is an extremely powerful tool used by many companies to manage their businesses, so it would be great to see more integrations with notion.


  • [ :last_quarter_moon: PARTIALLY DONE] Database Items: Triggers when a database item is created or updated (now activepieces only trigger on creation not on update);
  • Databases / Pages: Triggers when a database or page is created and updated.
  • Page Contents: Triggers when a page content is created.


  • Add a Database Item Content: Appends a new database item content.
  • Add a Page Content: Appends a new page content.
  • Create a Database: Creates a new database as a subpage in a specified page.
  • [ :white_check_mark: DONE] Create a Database Item: Creates a new item in a database.
  • Create a Page: Creates a new page in a specified page.
  • Delete a Page Content: Sets a page content/block, as archived.
  • Get a Database: Gets a specified database.
  • Get a Database Item: Gets a specified database item.
  • Get a Page: Gets a specified page.
  • Get a Page Content: Get a specified page content/block.
  • Make an API Call: Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.
  • Update a Database: Updates an existing database.
  • [ :white_check_mark: DONE] Update a Database Item: Updates an existing database item.
  • Update a Page: Updates an existing page.
  • Update a Page Content: Updates an existing page content/block.

+1, especially page content, would be immensely helpful.

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Yes, it would definitely help a lot.

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You have my vote ! This looks like a good one

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For sure, a better Notion integration would be a lifesaver


Hello everyone,

We’ve released an update for the Notion piece. It’s a small update, and while we’d like to add all the possibilities in this post, we’re a bit limited by the Notion API.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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