Notion API Not Showing Database Properties Anymore for Specific Database

Everything was working fine for both of my databases (“Vendas Entregues” and “Itens do Pedido”) here in Activepieces.

But today i was going to fix some issues with my workflow and when I opened Create Database Item to edit some properties, when i select “Vendas Entregues” the properties don’t show up:

It’s working fine for “Itens do Pedido”:

Why this is happening with “Vendas Entregues”?

@Abdul @abuaboud

Can you please help me?

Hi @jrolivieri

What are type of these fields?

I have almost all of the types in “Vendas Entregues” database, why?

As fields like Files, Rollup, and Relation aren’t supported in the current Notion piece, could you please provide more details about the field types available in this database so that I can accurately reproduce it?

Here are all the properties i have in “Vendas Entregues”:

There are Rollups, Relations, Formulas, Texts, Selects, etc.

The strange thing is that in my other database named “Itens do Pedido” there’s no problem showing the properties here in Activepieces, and i also have Rollups, Relations, Formulas, Texts, and others:


Notion Create Database Item selecting “Itens do Pedido” database:

Notion Create Database Item selecting “Vendas Entregues” database:

When i select “Vendas Entregues” database the properties don’t show up…

@jrolivieri ,

Could you please add a Custom API step from Notion piece and send the response via DM? It will help in reproducing the same database fields as yours to troubleshoot the issue.

Make sure to replace the database ID in the URL field with your database ID. You can find your database ID in the URL as shown in the image below.


I sent you the DM with the response.

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