Not receiving proper information from Slack

Hey all, I’m working on a notification automation.

The flow should be:

  1. New message received in Slack channel
  2. New task created in ClickUp w/ the message as the task name & description

The flow works BUT, Activepieces is only capturing “f” as the message.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Hi @devinmcpaul and welcome to Activepieces :wave:

I can confirm this is a bug in the testing panel for Slack. I got the same output you’re getting, so I’ll move this thread to Bugs

However, this is not impacting the actual execution in real life. So just take f as if it’s your message and continue your flow, I tested this end to end and it all worked properly.

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facing the same problem that the Audio or Text output is only “f”, any updates when this will be fixed?

best regards

Hi, i have the same issue can you please fix this? Best regard Jens

@ashrafsam Hi Ashrafsam, is there any hope to fix this? It would be very helpful to use this piece directly without detour via webhooks. I have also seen that a new ticket has already been opened for the problem.

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Hey @Jens_Sessler can you share your webhooks workaround setup? A description on a way to import would be great. I know the workaround isn’t ideal, but it will allow me to continue working. I appreciate it if you could. Thanks.

How can I finish making the workflow (image generation with DALLE) if I cant test each stage - the workflow maker gets stuck when it cant finish the image generation step, because DALLE apparently doesnt like “f” as a prompt and returns an error.

Hello @Bao, @Jens_Sessler, and @devinmcpaul,

We have improved the testing experience of the Slack trigger. It will now fetch the latest messages for further data mapping.

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