New To the Community

I am new the community and I am excited to be here to learn AP and implement it.

Welcome @Karim,

Enjoy Activepieces and in case of any question drop them here on the community forum and we’ll help you out.

Kr Bram

Thank you @Bram I appriciated!

Hi @Karim Great to see you here too! (This is the same Ashraf who replied to your questions haha)

Oh Hi Ashraf or should I say same Ashraf :slight_smile: Joking
Ashraf is also my brother/s name.
Thank you for all your help today!

You should be originally Egyptian then, because Moroccans say Achraf haha @Karim welcome again!

@ashrafsam I was born in Pakistan but grew up in Liverpool England :slight_smile:
Happy Eid!