⚡ New Row Trigger in Google Sheets is Now Instant

Dear All,

We’re excited to announce a significant update regarding Google Sheets triggers! As of version 0.9.0, Google Sheets triggers are now instant and stable.

From now on, you’ll only be able to see the “New Row Added” instant trigger, as we’ve removed the polling trigger.

What’s Changed: There were multiple cases where the new row could be triggered multiple times on the same data. We have internally implemented a deduplication method to avoid this issue.

Disclaimer: Although the trigger is instant, there might be occasional delays of up to three minutes for Google to send the actual event.

How to Upgrade Your Existing Piece: You’ll need to change the trigger to something else temporarily and then switch it back to Google Sheets.

Let us know if you face any issues! :smiley:

Until next time,


My flow triggered several times for the first rows on the sheet (9 rows in one flow and 7 in the other). Even if they were from months ago. This issue ended up sending unwanted e-mail to old customers.

Sorry to hear that, this is unrelated to this change, unfortunately we had an incident Cloud Incident: Runs on Old Data (March 14th, 6:50 PM PT - 7:10 PM PT)