New requirement: list all supported parameters for a given field (in an action)

Hey everyone,

It would be great if there was a requirement for each field in an action to have help text that included all accepted values for that particular field. If a particular format is needed, this should be noted in the same help text.

For example, if a field is called “Image” within an action, instead of assuming all images are supported, it would be nice to have “supports JPG/SVG” written below it assuming those were the only images supported. Now if the list is extensive: something like “supports all common image types” or something to that effect should suffice.

I know some developers include the help text for what’s supported in a field for an action, but there doesn’t seem to be a mandatory standard (correct me if I’m wrong).

For us non-developers out there, this would be a huge help, as sometimes we have no idea why an action or piece doesn’t work, only to find out that one of the files we added, dynamic variable and/or string of text is not supported in a given field. If we know exactly what’s supported and/or how it should be entered (if a specific format/formatting), that would do wonders in helping us craft our workflows!

Thanks :grinning: