NeuronWriter Integration Request

NeuronWriter Integration

I’d love to see NeuronWriter integration! It’ll be a game-changer for creating long-form articles. Thanks!

@Asif Can you write what Triggers / Actions your need? What are the usecases? Would be great to get more insights here.

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IT would be perfect to give a keyword to analysis and be able to send an article to NeuronW


Getting the keywords including the H2/H3 and meta information such as the description would be nice too. I’m keeping an eye on when they actually release an API.



  • Action PUT / POST (Export) Output text / arcticle html source from NeuroWriter
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Here are some key actions that would be immensely beneficial for NeuronWriter integration:


  1. New Query: This would enable the creation of a new content writer query, specifying details like
  • Keyword
  • Country
  • Language
  • Include custom URLs
  • Additional keywords
  1. Get Query: Retrieves content recommendations for an existing analysis. Option to get below from the analysis so it can be passed to Chat GPT for creating long-form content.
  • Title_terms
  • H1_terms
  • H2_terms
  • Content Terms with Times
  1. List queries: Retrieves queries within a project matching your criteria and provides information about their status
  • Project
  • Status
  • Source
  • Tags
  1. Get Content: Retrieves the last content revision saved for a given query.
  • query
  • revision_type

Here is NeuronWriter API Documentation - NeuronWriter API - how to use | KnowledgeBase



@menacestudio - NeuronWriter API access is now available to all Gold plan or higher users. NeuronWriter API - how to use | KnowledgeBase


@Asif nice! I’m going to play around with this today. Thank you!



thx for the Custom API Calls - but do you see a chance to get a piece also for this integration as Asif mentioned before?
Neuron Writer is quite super popular - would be great if you see a chance to implement it soon :wink:

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Here’s the piece to access the Neurowriter API via the HTTP module.

You just need to input your API code and the Project ID or Query ID. Further adjustments can be made in the body. Look at the options in the API description.

Have fun with it!


I would also love to the a native intergration - but many thanks to also to Gio!


I would send a text (string) to the neuron wirter body text box. CAn you help me here how to write the http request ?

would be great.

I think after creating the text block it would be easy to fetch it again with your get project data HTTP piece. But how to get the long string INTO NW, I was not able to get this done.

Many Greets

Do I understand you correctly, you want to send the text back to NW? I believe that’s not possible yet.

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Thank you for sharing! i was stuck before then I found your template