Need to extend the Topic/Thread closing period from 15 days to 33 days

I have noticed that the Topic/Thread auto-closing period is 15 days from the last reply.
I think thats a very short period.
I had queries/questions on multiple topics/threads and wanted to put my replies/comments but sadly those topics/threads got closed due to the 15 days auto-close setting.

There is a to Need to extend the Topic/Thread auto-closing period from 15 days to 33 days so that all community members can get a chance to share thier thoughts/comments on a open Topic/thread.

33 days is a fair period to say that the thread is now eligible to be closed and its discussion life has reached its end.

Whats the opinion of the AP community?
Can AP admins also look into this ?

Is it ok to ask how you came up with the 33? :joy:

I can share you the algorithm with a AP flow :wink:
But to keep it simple 30 days + additional 10% of 30 days
Hope that helps :grin:

Hehe. Thanks for suggesting this @startuphosting2015 I disabled auto-closing.

It was active on the Need help category but I don’t see actual value from it, so I disabled it and posts will live forever now.

It might be better not to have a limit so we can track similar issues in a single topic.


Excellent. That would avoid duplicate threads too… I’ll try to reply to those old threads now.

@ashrafsam also waiting for a reply to my email subject

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