Need somebody who can edit my prompt so image is created

I am doing a basic Google Sheets keyword => claude => wordpress blog post.
I am running into an issue with the Dall-e prompt and causing this error:

400 Your request was rejected as a result of our safety system. Your prompt may contain text that is not allowed by our safety system.

Need a quote on a quick Zoom call where you can fix and I can have the recording to re-watch.

What are you using to generate the image? Also, do you mind posting the prompt that you used so far?

Dalle-3 OpenAI
It is connected.

Prompt: generate a product image based on the title

pretty basic, and I would want to somehow make that better also.

I am not sure how to reference the seed keyword on google sheets, so that could be a problem also.

@andrewmurray I would add a step that would enhance that prompt prior to generating the image.

Here’s a sample prompt.
"Act as an expert in AI-generated imagery, specializing in using DALL-E 3 to create highly detailed and specific images.
The image will be about “<your_product>”.

Include specific details that will guide the AI in creating an image that meets the expectations outlined. Please return the prompt and nothing else."

For example, I used the term “iPad”.

Create Prompt

Create Image

As far as referencing the seed keyword in Google Sheets, you should be able to test the step and see if you’re retrieving the correct seed keyword.

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It is still failing in the post to Wordpress step. The final step. I don’t see where it is failing.
Where would I find this?

@andrewmurray if you click on runs, you’ll be able to see where it failed and the error. The same thing when testing a flow.

Hi Andrew,
If you are still on the lookout for someone, I would be happy to take a look at your DALL-E prompt and help you get it working smoothly with Google Sheets.
You can reach out to me on my email here