Need help removing <p> and </p> from text

I set up a Facebook (post to page) automation. I am pulling in real estate listings from my website via webhook. Works perfectly, However… the description text contains < p > at the beginning and < p / > at the end. I setup text helper (replace). When I test the text helper, the text appears as I want it to, without the symbols. But when the post goes live onto Facebook, both sysmbols are still within the text. Any idea how I can resolve this? NOTE - I actually had two text helpers one with < p > to remove that one and another with < /p > to remove that one. I don’t know how to combine both into one text helper.

Hi @rickmelreese

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I think using the code piece with the ‘ask AI’ would be your winner. You can probably use a prompt like this:

> 'Please remove all the <p> and </p> HTML tags from the input I provide'

checkbox the “use existing code” and give it a try, it should give you also a field for providing the input.

Let me know how it works out!

KR Bram