Name is overwritten HTTP request

Hi AP Team,

I think there is a small bug where the HTTP request Name is overwritten when selecting the action. Please see video below:

I had sound still on while recording, please turn it off…

0010. DatasetID processing to Google Sheets - Activepieces - Google Chrome 2024-02-07 17-23-17.mp4

Hi! I think this happens with every piece, and every action… you need to change the name of the step after you select the action.

Hi @PFernandez98,

Thanks for the update but it hink it shouldn be updated whenever you change the action, or disable the possibility to change the name when the action is not yet selected.

Kr Bram

Hello @Bram, thanks for giving us your feedback.

Our thinking behind this was that if you change the action/trigger, the name you chose before becomes invalid, does that make sense to you ?

Hi @Abdul,

Thanks for the clarification what you say makes sense, I was just using it in a different way. So I think there the difference comes from.

Kr Bram

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