My bot is not running. Tested - all good. But it's not running. Google Sheets

I have a bot in this structure where I’m leveraging Google Sheets and OpenAi to create blog posts.

Flow is valid.
And for some reason this bot is not running, it was running couple of weeks ago.
I added more rows into sheets but looks like it’s not running.
Anyone similar issue ?

Hi @Ratomir

I am not aware of a related issue, can you press on publish flow again and please let me know if it works

Tried that multiple times. No success.

Are you in the same sheet? Like for example, if it is looking for sheet1, but you are adding to sheet2, it may not see it

Did you make any changes to the sheet? except adding rows?

What if your manually test the piece does it work? Hereby i mean just the piece not the entire flow.

Hi @Ratomir Did you try to use another sheet to see if the issue persists? That could get us closer to an understanding.

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