Multi-variable "Put storage"

It’d be great if we could set multiple key-values from a single “Put” storage piece.

To avoid fragility and reprogramming large flows I make heavy use of run-scoped storage as “local variables”. For example, I create a “local variable” for each column returned by a Google Sheets “New Row” trigger, then use only those variables in the rest of the flow.
This makes the configuration of pieces much easier to read (no more “what’s column K again?”) and if the structure of the sheet changes I only have to change things in one place.

This works great, but it doesn’t scale well:

Not only does this clutter up the canvas, it’s also incredibly tedious to configure and use.
Every variable needs to be individually added, renamed, configured (key, value, scope) then tested, and when testing data changes I have to manually re-test each value individually T_T