MULTI-BRANCH piece? I would like to have a multi-branch piece for more complex flows (Conditional sub-flows)

So I am building out a bigger flow, and based on ONE parameter I need to choose between a lot of flows.

This means I use a LOT of nested BRANCH pieces. This both consumes many credits, it slows the server, and just is messy to work with.

I would love to have a MULTI-BRANCH piece, that can easily match values to start the right “sub-flow”:

Is this possible?

EDIT: I have started to think about this as “conditional sub-flows”, since it will make a choice based on several conditions, and can then start a sub-flow based on that condition.

This can be used for a LOT of different things. :blush:

Having a good way to setup sub-flows has been talked about, you could have one flow send a webhook to a sub-flow in AP but this could get very messy very fast :slight_smile:

Yes, but now in my use-case this is solved. I could use Dynamic Values, and that solved a bunch of “if this then that” problems.

I orginally started to build out a Master flow to send different cases to different Google sheets, and then run sub flows. But now I think I can put all into one small flow, and rely more heavily on Dynamic Values.
Am building this out as we speak.

Mo showed me how. :sunglasses: