Moosend Integration


Integrate with Email Marketing and Automation Software
API Docs: Moosend API documentation

- Actions : Create Subscriber, Unsubscribe User, Create or Update Subscriber, Send a Campaign,
Update Profile, Set Custom Field Value, Run Automation, Increment / Decrement Numeric Custom Field, Add Subscriber to a Group, Remove Subscriber from a Group, Unsubscribe Subscriber,

- Triggers : New Subscriber, New Unsubscriber, Updated Profile, Spam Complaint, Subscriber Completed Automation, Subscriber Triggered Automation, Subscriber Fields Updated, Campaign Sent, Subscriber Added to Group, Subscriber Bounced, Subscriber Removed From Group, Subscriber Unsubscribed

- Use case : Just like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, etc, Been able to connect multple differnet software systems to Moosend, to utilise its email capability and magic.