Moodle integration


Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) widely recognized as the world’s most used platform for online education. Offering a flexible and customizable environment, it empowers educators to create and manage courses, deliver content, and engage learners effectively. Its open-source nature allows for community collaboration and continuous improvement, making it a popular choice for diverse educational institutions globally.

Other softwares already handle integration:, and Moodle has a fairly developed API:

Moodle handles users and courses, and with these two base elements, you can make a symphin of integrations. Being a pure LMS, it does not have a school management system, so one of the most requested integrations is with this type systems, such as Banner, Academic, among others.

Another highly requested integration is with Woocommerce, the power, for example, that a user buys a course in WordPress, and that the user is automatically believed in Moodle, enrolled in the course, a welcome email is sent and the credentials of access.

There are endless opportunities, for example that Moodle sends the results of the courses to a school control system that generates students’ tickets, among other possibilities.

I hope this proposal makes sense to you, there is a great market for this integration.