- Unable to establish connection connection not working. When click connect, the popup auth to log in states:

{“error”:“invalid_scope”,“error_description”:“Invalid scope param”}

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Following this. Activepieces Support, please answer.

I have updated our settings on Monday, waiting them to publish the app

Hi, the settings are updated and it should be fixed now.

Hello, I am also getting the same error

Hi @Dave_B

I could reproduce the issue when I am not using same account we created the app with, Let me take look into that and get back to you.

HI @abuaboud,

Just checking did you find a solution?

i noticed i run into the same issue:

Any updates or ETA on the fix? Excited to use Activepieces but this is integral to our business operations. Thanks in advance.

@abuaboud Any word from Monday? Same error. Thanks.

Hello guys, sorry for the late response, we are still working on getting our OAuth2 app to get approved by monday.
To unblock you guys trying to use monday, you could create an OAuth2 app for yourself,
here is the tutorial for that OAuth and Permissions
only read the “Registering a monday app” section.

You will need the redirect url:
and scopes to toggle on:

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After you create the app, go to activepieces and add your monday step, then proceed to adding a new connection then click on “I would like to use my own app credentials” and fill it with the credentials you will see in your app dashboard.

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Anyone get this working?

I was able to register OAuth on Monday, redirect URL, Toggle on Scopes but when I went to the last step on ActivePieces → New Connection → Same error.

Confirmed: Client ID and Secret are correct.

Hi @ENNE, did you click on I would like to use my own app credentials in the dialog up above?

Yes. Confirmed and Client ID and Secret are correct.

still the same error ? is your account that you are trying to authenticate with in the same workspace you created the app in?

Yes, I created the app in the same workspace.

and you still get the same error ?

Yes. Nothing has changed.

This has been added to the roadmap, We will switch to use API tokens instead of OAuth Apps.

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