Modification of HTML code in JSON

Hi Team,

When sending my mapped HTML to VBOUT i receive the following error, please see below. It looks like my HTML is completly formatted… When send just the HTML not mapped it all works fine. The mapped HTML is coming from the Storage piece.

Here with the HTML added manually:

here is the HTML example:

Projectleider Implementatie Stadspas
Locatie: Woerden
<a href="\”>Bekijk de opdracht

Projectleider Implementatie Stadspas
Locatie: Woerden
<a href="\“>Bekijk de opdracht

Any idea how I can solve this?

KR Bram

I figured out what the issue is of above but i don;t think my solution is the one you should need. Apparently there are some difficulties for processing the (") or (") The forward slash if added randomly, and dissapears too. I had to push mu HTML data with three forward slashed to make it work (\").

Please see below video’s

0401.VBOUT daily newsletter ALL - Activepieces - Google Chrome 2024-06-24 15-42-48.mp4

0401.VBOUT daily newsletter ALL - Activepieces - Google Chrome 2024-06-24 15-44-12.mp4

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Hello @Bram ,

When text starts with double quotes (") and contains another double quote (e.g., after the href tag), an escape sequence () is added before that double quote. That’s why, when you check the output of the text helper or the storage get action, you can see a forward slash before these double quotes. However, when passing this text value to JSON (VBOUT API), it throws an error because it doesn’t add the forward slash, and when you manually add it, it works.

Let me check this with the team to understand the issue more thoroughly. I will get back to you with more information and a possible solution.

Hi @kishanprmr

That is correct, for me it’s just important to understand and see consistency, so when is \ added?, and that I would like to see it visible too now sometimes it shows up on the piece output, but when mapping the data it doesn’t. that makes it a bit confusing.

Good to check with the team, looking forward to your answers here.

KR Bram