Mind Maps for Designing Flows?

When we are thinking about how we want a flow to work…is it easiest to use a mind mapping app to work through the process in our head before starting to drag pieces into a flow?

What are the best practices for this?

Any app recommendations?


You can write a map with Chatgpt using this model: Try markmap

Chatgpt prompt for Mindmaps:

Generate me a mind map according to the format below. The mind map tool I'm using accepts mindmaps in this markdown format. Here is an example for a mindmap of a ChatGPT course curriculum.

# Course Content
## Intro
### Course Welcome
### Installation

Thanks @EscritoresFamosos …this looks like fun…I’ll try it out!


(Oh Boy…this might be tougher than I thought :sunglasses:

I’m a fan of doing ALL of the ai generative content first in the flow, and then doing the posting after. This means the flow doesn’t necessarily break just because a post fails, but I would like the ability to cascade post all at once to also prevent failure.

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Makes sense @thisthatjosh …so would you store your work in a google sheet and then go retrieve it when you are ready to post?


No no. It is all available within AP. I have been discussing with the team at AP doing some consulting work setting these up. How complex are you hoping to achieve?

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When I built my very first flow before Activepieces, I used Miro to map my thoughts first regardless of the capabilities of the tool I’d use.

When we started Activepieces, I wanted to have a Placeholder piece that you add to the flow and write a comment in before adding the actual piece, then you can replace it with the actual piece.

But this is interesting, let me know what you do in real life as we might be able to reflect that on the product at some point!

Yes I was thinking Miro or Mindmeister. @EscritoresFamosos suggested a great little mind map app above that seems to run on Visual Studio. That’s all new to me but I’m trying to figure out how to put it in use.

Your PLACEHOLDER PIECE is an excellent idea and would be more convenient than anything else!


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VIZIO is excellent. I myself use a whiteboard in my office. :joy: