Many issues with NEW Loop on Items - Not working anymore

I had a flow working perfectly until today. I had a look at the version of the pieces I was using and Webhook, http and loop are outdated.

When I try to update with new pieces, i get all sorts of error messages :
Incomplete settings
Please fix the step inputs first
You have unsaved changes on this page due to network disconnection.

So I have decided to create a new flow with the lates pieces but loop is not working anymore.

This is my old working flow :

This is the email I am trying to catch in the loop :

If I send HTTP request body 0 data the 22 emails are showing

But if I do the same as before send HTTP request body 0 data emails, only the first email is showing and all the rest is ignored so the loop is broken.

Could you please tell me how to fix this?

Hi @labaude,
I see the confusion. The second screenshot is correct; you have to choose the emails inside the body.

The reason you see only one email is because it is just sample data for testing, when you press Test step so it only fetches the first record as sample data.

However, if you press “Test Flow,” it will run the entire flow and process all emails.

Does that make sense?

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Hi, @abuaboud and thank you for your answer. Your answer could make sense but where can I press “Test Flow,” ? I can only see Retest

In your screenshot It’s above the trigger, a purple chip has “Test Flow”, Look above Catch Webhook :smiley:

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Thank you, it’s now working :slight_smile:

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