MAJOR bug with Webhook module


I noticed that overnight my ecommerce platform generated a few orders and sent those to the Webhook module in ActivePieces. The Webhook module didn’t trigger.

I investigated the workflow and discovered that the module seemingly auto-updated. When I sent a few test webhooks to it, it didn’t respond.

Then I manually removed it, added it back, unpublished the flow, re-published the flow, and it started catching webhooks well.

Due to the privacy of this incident, I sent a loom directly support email (I also included the flow URL). But just flagging this for Ash and Mo’s attention. I managed to fix this manually, but please do make sure the system is robust enough for us to not discover that things like these happen. This was am order fulfilment workflow, and it has already cost me one refund request from a customer who paid but didn’t get access to their purchases.

Equally, if this was something I did wrong on my end to cause this, please let me know.


We had the same problem, we got it working again by duplicating the flow.

Wow. Activepieces team (@MoShizzle, @ashrafsam) - these are breaking issues.

Sorry about this, we’re checking the issue.

The issue has been resolved. It was occurring in published versions due to the updater having the wrong version. We manually did this process to transition the webhook to its normal piece.

However, there was an issue during the migration. It has been fixed now.

Upon retrospectively examining this section of code, I also found the fallback was in place where the payload was stored failed because the issue occurred before, resulting in the payload not being saved and thus unable to be replayed later.

We appreciate your trust in us and are committed to improve our monitoring to address this blind spot. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Appreciate the report!

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