Mailerlite - Choose a group and map custom fields data

Give us more option when adding or updating a subscriber to mailerlite, for example map a custom field for this subscriber (in order to make email automation for that speficic resultt for exemple).

Trigger → Subscriber fill a form
Action → Add : update to mailerlire + map custom field ‘answer’ to a specific group with result of a question asked in the form before

Indeed, this would be super beneficial. MailerLite has it’s new v2 of their API, so adding all of the capabilities would be super wesome. I don not understand why pieces are created, but usually most of the triggers/actions on the other popular platforms are not implemented.
Would it not be super efficient if you head over to pabbly or and check out their triggers/actions, and every time you build a new piece just add all of them as well (since this is usually the most effective way to take advantage of their API functionalities). This would be super awesome.


this is basic functionality for an automation, please add it, team!

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Yes, we need the ability to pick which Groups our subscribers are in. This addition alone will allow me to switch to Activepieces.

Hello @kennethfong @mloeffel @Charlene_DL @nathanmaingard ,

We have published new version of mailterlite piece with custom fields and group functionality.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.