Loop Returning only 1-item everytime (Google Calendar)

Unable to retrieve all events from the calendar (get events)
Loop only returns one event item instead of all events
Looking for the summary or title of the event to get the Google Hangout link
Unable to filter events based on the title of the event

I’ve attempt to loop through all events in the calendar try to retrieve the summary or title of each event
but always returns the same output even when all the inputs are different

Detailed explaination: https://www.loom.com/share/71c506dc9295473682e45d0a74b1590d?sid=577e5bfe-fd7c-4135-b7eb-7f4070c172c5

Hello @anubistar ,

The loop step will return one item so that you can map its value in the next steps. After mapping the values, please try running the entire flow by clicking Test Flow above the trigger. The loop step will iterate through all calendar event items.