Local dev project doesn't load pieces

hello, i recently deployed a local dev enviroment for active pieces but the pieces stay loading forever.

something i should note is that i have been trying to install the pieces i want using
but it gives me this error: [API] c1485b60 > Error: Cannot find module ‘C:\Program Files\Git\Prueba\activepieces\node_modules\nx\bin\nx.js’ but the nx.js file is in there, so i dont understand why it says it cannot find it.

Currently the “npm run start” method doesn’t work on Windows, we will be trying to fix that soon, atm I recommend you use wsl and try that there after you move your project there, running the dev container in wsl also works.

Hi @Angel_Elian

Here is the documentation for Dev Containers

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thanks! worked like a charm

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