Listings in Google Account are not displaying under Google Business Review Trigger

Hello guys,

If I want to create a trigger “New Review” it shows me not all my listings of my connected Google Account. I can see only 9 Listings but I have 82 Listings inside my google business account. I am the admin of all this listings so I should see them all.

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Hi Simon,

I do believe AP only retrieves a few of the previous reviews and not all. In case you would like to retrieve them all you should get into a different process and probably create your custom HTTP request.


I don’t mean the reviews, I mean I cannot select all listings which I have in my Google account.

Hello, exactly the same thing happens to me, I have several Google My Business accounts in which I am an administrator, but I can only see a few of them. Please, does anyone know of a solution for this?

Hello please, I have more than 20 google my business profiles and they only seem like a few to me… This has been going on for many months now.

Hi @cesar.boost and @Simon_Mueller,

It should display up to 100 locations. Please ensure that the version in the bottom right corner is 0.0.6. If it’s not, please change the trigger to something else and then change it back for Google My Business.

Note: The piece will be released in 20 minutes from now.

Sorry for the issue. It’s interesting that you have that many locations! :blush:


Hi you righh!!! thank u so much!!!

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