Keys with the same name gets deleted in HTTP request piece?


I have an issue where I add in the Key under query params in the “Send HTTP Piece” but if the key name is the same as others, it gets deleted when I click off into another piece or reload the page.

When I don’t refresh, and test the piece, it works just fine… Is this a known issue or is there another way around this that I’m not aware of?

Adding in keys with the same name, different values

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Thank you for your help!

Hi @love,

Each key has to be unique, but could you explain a bit more on your use case maybe we can work it out als solve issue you face. Using my the same keys would not be the solution.

Kr Bram

Hi @Bram
I actually solved it! - in case anyone is looking for a solution…

I just added parameters to the HTTP Request URL for example:
https: //api. example. com/get/some-thing ?param=1&param=2&param=3

It worked fine!

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