Just want to express my thankfulness

Hi team, I just wanted to share my thankfulness over Activepieces and what it lets me do with ease.

I have had a wish and a dream to automate a lot of what I do, and should do, but have never found a good way to do it.

The last weeks I have been building a Master Flow. It has taken time, both to learn how to do it, but also a lot of testing with Open AI etc. Plus a lot of effort to figure out how to actiually build the Flow scalable and also flexible.

Now all my recent tests tell me that it works. So tomorrow I will start rolling it out. Live. For my client work, and for my own sake.

This will save me so much time, and let me be able to focus on other important business tasks (while Activepieces takes care of some important client tasks.)

You have done good! Thank you :blush:

Thank you @Preben I shared this with the whole team, It made our day!

Let’s keep going on improving, there are a lot more to improve!

Hi Preben,

sorry for bombing into this post, but as you I am also at this starting point finding a good way to automate my business. I tried some tools but didn’t get the hang of it.

Hope this will be better with Activepieces as in your case. Would you mind to share some details on why this platform helped you compared to other ones and what kind of things you were finally able to automate?

Also your way to build your flow with figuring out how to get things done sounds interesting and could be really helpful if you could share some of your experiences.

Thanks and congrats to finally achieving your desired outcome. I know how satisfying this can be to finally get something programmed working how you want it!


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I would love to know a bit more about what you built, if you’re open to sharing?