Issue with Webhook Automation Timing and Completion in ActivePieces

Hello ActivePieces Community,

I’ve encountered an issue with a webhook automation that I hope to get some insights on. The automation is designed to receive data, hold for 20 seconds, and then send it to a Google Spreadsheet. It was expected to handle around 5,000 data receipts, but it only processed 900.

Additionally, the automation was set to execute every 20 seconds. However, from the logs (see attached screenshot), the execution intervals were significantly longer than intended. This irregularity not only resulted in incomplete data processing but also in unexpected delays.

Here are the details of the automation setup:

Type: Webhook
Expected Behavior: Receive data, wait 20 seconds, send to Google Spreadsheet.
Expected Volume: 5,000 data receipts.
Actual Performance

: Only 900 receipts processed.

I’ve double-checked the configuration, and it seems aligned with the requirements. Could this be a system limit, or did I miss something in the setup? Any advice or troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @maikonsch

Can you please filter run by status and look for failed, Is there any failed runs between 5000? or it didn’t receive the 5000?

Thank you,

I saw there are many failed

"code": 429,
        "message": "Quota exceeded for quota metric 'Read requests' and limit 'Read requests per minute per user' of service '' for consumer 'project_number:674512252699'.",
        "status": "RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED",

@abuaboud I set up a 20-second delay between receiving data from the webhook and sending it to Google Sheets. Why am I still encountering this error?

Given the Quotas limits: Read requests:

  • Per minute per project: 300
  • Per minute per user per project: 60
    Write requests:
  • Per minute per project: 300
  • Per minute per user per project: 60

Why am I still experiencing this error?


Can you screenshot the flows, as well as the settings on delay step?

@abuaboud sure

@abuaboud did you can see my last message?

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