[ISSUE] Getting a duplicate webhook result (BUG?)

Testing a basic webhook trigger

And getting a duplicate results, everything is the same between the pair of results. Always 2, instead of 1 (where it should be just the 1).

Oddly enough, the first of the two results (the pair) can’t be selected, so it looks like a bug or glitch.

@kishanprmr let me know if you found anything that could help, but looks like an Activepieces bug

FYI, I already tried to delete the workflow and create a new one. I also signed out and signed back in. But the issue persists.

I added delays and a script to only send the webhook once per change and I’m still getting multiple webhook results while testing. So I’m doubling down that it’s an Activepieces issue



This is just duplicated sample data. It doesn’t trigger the flow twice or have any side effects, and it only happens when the flow is initially created.

I deployed a fix. Thank you for reporting.

Thank you,

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Thanks, I was worried!

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