Is there a way to set up a conditional trigger?

I have a number of use cases where I would like to trigger only if a single condition is met. Eg, “if a github issue is created with status ‘opened’”. As is, I have to immediately add a branch after every trigger, which is cumbersome, and I end up having many flows that trigger on the same event then immediately terminate. Or I end up having complex branch trees, which feels like an anti-pattern.

Is there a way to do this that I’m not seeing?

Is there anything on the Github side that can call a webhook when an event occurs? @Andrew

Yes. I haven’t looked, but I assume that’s how the native trigger works. But, as with the native trigger, you can’t filter the webhook events by action on the github side.

@Andrew you can have the issues event call ActivePieces and do a branch based on the issue’s status.

Right, but that’s exactly what I’m trying to not do. I either have to have a lot of flows that each execute and immediately branch and terminate, or I have to have one flow with a ton of branch logic. Both are cumbersome.

That’s more on the GitHub side, which ActivePieces doesn’t have control over. It looks like GitHub only provides webhooks to predefined events. At the moment, those two you mentioned are the only options unfortunately.

It would be a very nice feature. I imagine this use case is pretty common.

Not sure how many conditions you have but you can create multiple branches and fix it in that way

Yeah, I mentioned that above as a current workaround. I’m trying to avoid workarounds. I’m looking for straightforward flows based on simple triggers, and a conditional would be a nice feature.

My current workaround is custom Javascript, which defeats the point of using a system like this.

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