Is newline character supported in the Text Helper > Split

I was trying to use \n then '[:newline:] for it to parse and spit my object value, it doesn’t seem to work. How to move around this?

Attaching the format on which Im trying to run this.

        "abx": "*PlaceholderOne",
        "vvfd": "\\n*PersonName",
        "dcewfe": "Jane \\n*JobTitle",
        "d": "derLead Fv\\n*Company",
        "companyInfo": "<|XYZ Enterprises>\\n*OrgStats",
        "efve": "axe revenue \\n*Referrer",
        "eferf": "\\n*DummyKey",
        "dummyContent": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."