Integration with AITable

Creating a record in AiTable - missing field mapping for inserting previous output in AiTable

In Activepieces integration for creating a record there is only
Datasheet ID from AiTable
There is not any other way to map fields as normally would have any integration - ex sheets has ways to map columns and rows. How is this integration gonna work ?
Spent hours looking for solutions .

Ex activepieces asks you for g sheets integration if :"
Are the First row Headers?
If the first row is headers" but with aitable there is no option.
Zapier has this option to match exactly the table and column/row.
Please help with a solution as the tests are showing everything is ok to transfer in table but nothing moves in the table row

@Paul_Dumbravanu go to your node in AITable. You need to find your datasheetId which is in the URL. It starts with dst. You will need to copy that into the Datasheet, which will then load the fields associated with that node.


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