Improve integration with Go High Level

Go High LevelHello, you recently launched the integration with Go High Level, and I thank you, it really is incredible.

What I kindly ask through this post is that you please consider improving the integration by adding improvements such as having zapier and Pabbly Connect, in for example:

  • Map contact custom fields

And the rest of the options that these platforms offer with GHL.

Thank you so much

Hi @cesar.boost Thank you for the suggestion. Can you tell us how you’d like to automate your GHL so we get a better idea on how to improve the piece?

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Of course!! @ashrafsam

1. It would be great to be able to assign custom fields when updating a contact. That is, if we give the option in Active Pieces to “Update Contact”, we can only see the default fields of the contacts, but the custom fields created in the connected subaccount are not displayed or collected. A very nice improvement would be to dump these custom fields.

I say this, because in this way the automation of responses with Chat GPT could be done through these custom fields.

Many people who use GHL do so by leveraging Zapier or Pabbly connect. Please if you could give this option it would be really magical.

I am attaching a video that shows how this bot is created through this simple function.

  1. The other improvement would be to be able to add multiple “owners” when “creating an opportunity” in GoHighlevel.

Currently with Activepieces we can only choose one assigned person, but in GHL there is the option to add all the assigned people we want and by doing so we also have the option to distribute the opportunities proportionally. Being able to do this with Activepieces would be great, and I’m sure many of the users will be more than happy

  1. Add the origin when “an opportunity is created” and when “a contact is created.”

Please it would also be great to be able to specify the origin field whether you are creating an opportunity or a contact. (Actually the opportunity source field is automatically populated with the contact source field, so you may only need to add the source field only when “creating a contact”).

For my part this is all, thank you very much for taking my opinion into account.

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I’m keen for these features as well. I connect webinar software to my High Level accounts and need to be able to update those custom fields.

Great work team for creating the High Level piece so quickly!

High Level is a leader in the CRM space at the moment. The business model is involves white labeling and reselling the CRM software. This means there are stacks of people using the platform either under the High Level brand or something else. Developing the lead connector (High Level) integration should help drive the adoption of Active Pieces as a solution for this chunk of the CRM space which is very active at the moment.

Keep up the great work!

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Yes, also “create/update location”, “create/update custom value”, or “create/update user” in GHL would be amazing. Just take a look at Pabbly’s integration, they have many more actions/triggers.

I don not understand how pieces are created, but usually most of the triggers/actions on the other popular platforms are not implemented.

Would it not be super efficient if you head over to pabbly or (Integrations | Pabbly) and check out their triggers/actions of a specific app, and every time you build a new piece just add all of them as well (since this is usually the most effective way to take advantage of their API functionalities)? This would be super awesome.


Very much agree with @mloeffel statement

I do not understand how pieces are created, but missing some of the triggers/actions on the other popular platforms are not implemented.

It’s so important to introduce a new piece by fully integrating all possible triggers and actions available, and the easiest way is to have a look at Pabbly , Zapier, and or Make.

I Hope all further Pieces come full fledged.