Improve canvas layout

Please add the functionality of dragging the page with the cursor to be able to move within the different modules. It can’t be that we are so limited in our view of the canvas. In addition, it would also be nice if we could “draw” how short or long the connecting lines can be.

The main problem is that very long canvases are created and they are not easy to manage as you cannot move within the canvas.

What’s your setup? For example: Desktop / Windows? With a mouse or trackpad?

The canvas is movable by default. On my Macbook, I was 2 fingers to move around which is the default scrolling gesture on Mac.

Hello @ashrafsam ,

I use Desktop/windows and with mouse with chrome.

And no matter how much I use right click or left click or both together, I can’t scroll on the canvas,It is very frustrating because I cannot see the elements on the right side unless I expand the screen

@cesar.boost Does your mouse device have a scroll wheel?

Yes, of course, what I mean is that I can’t “grab the page” to move, for example, to the right.

I attached this image, what I’m saying is that if I make 2 "branch"s in a row, I can’t move to the right to see them, I can’t pinch the page with the cursor to move to the right without having to expand the screen

@cesar.boost I see. We’ll change the way this works soon by enabling grabbing on the canvas background.

Meanwhile, if you press and hold “Shift” on your keyboard and use your mouse wheel, does it scroll right and left?

@ashrafsam @cesar.boost I am also working on compressing the size of branches, currently If you expand one side, it also does expand the other side.

The ideal scenario is to expand one side and recenter, I have been experimenting during weekend what is the ideal way to draw flows.

How many nesting do you have in branching?

Hi @ashrafsam , No, if you press “Shift”, the only thing I get is to make the screen smaller or larger and always centered. Don’t focus on the module I’m in. I think it is a quite serious problem when several branches are made.

@abuaboud With the second branch it is already difficult to configure or access the “false” branch unless you expand the screen a lot

Hi @cesar.boost

Can you check it now?

The new canvas is already released, closing this.

Thank u so much!!!

We released 25 days ago, New Rendering Engine

But sorry forgot to update this one.

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