Imap to have body(text)

will it be easy to add body(text) as well? Because i have received marketing email with general subject but in the body is where the keyword i want it to trigger.

I’m not sure how easy this is. Did you try to filter the incoming data with a Branch step for the time being?

just try out a moment ago, it’s works fantastic using Branch too :love_you_gesture: :grinning:

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here is the flow I did, and wants to create additional but will be too small to see it. Any workaround? I do know can duplicate into another flow but I want to see whether can I do it with just 1 flow. :joy:

The solution should be to let the Branch piece take more values than just true/false. We have that in mind but we didn’t implement it yet

did a new test email from to, although it works well, but the process will keeps running as long the email send from isn’t delete away from inbox.

So, how to make it for checking new email only and not looking for past email?

Hi @knightskid,

Is there a way to target the email status in your conditional branch, for example:

IF (email-status is EQUAL to ‘unread’) { DO SOMETHING } ELSE { DO SOMETHING ELSE } ?

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it doesn’t have that.

Hi @knightskid,

Ahh, sorry, I haven’t used any Gmail flows yet. It was just a logical suggestion. I wasn’t sure if you could utilise the webhooks to do different things in GMail.