IMAP to Excel didn't run properly

Hi, I want to automate incoming emails data to my Google Sheets/Microsoft Excel. I connected them right in AP but then nothing show up on my Microsoft Excel. I tested by sending myself an email test. The email is using IMAP on AP. Not sure what is wrong since I weren’t notified of any error. Thanks.

Hi, two days has passed and no support has been given. Even if you get latest updates but the current features is still not working, what is the purpose?

I use IMAP to connect my email to ActivePieces, everything was detected correctly and even now the “run” report show it is successful.

Then I connect with my Google Sheet. As far as I can see, no error found. Hopefully someone can guide me to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Thanks.

Hi Mazz,

Let’s try to debug the issue you face.

Did you test the IMAP, in receiving your email? if not, let’s fix that first.

If you did, how is your mapping set-up in the Microsoft Excel Piece, could you show some screenshots? please hide any sensitive data.



Now it comes with other problem. My MO 365 has been connected to it a few times but it still failed to detect the file in it.

Hi Mazz,

So understading correctly that the IMAP piece works and you receive the emails now via the IMAP piece?

Regarding Excel: Did you try to press the two rounded arrows to see if it can refresh, and show your workbook?

Kr Bram

Hi Bram,
I managed to connect my MO and my excel so now it can identify which sheet I want to connect it too. But this error comes up when I tried to load sample data.

As for the IMAP, it can identify the inbox and folders inside my email. So, I’m guessing the email works. Let me know if I’m wrong. I tried running it, this is the current error:

Thanks Bram.

Hi Mazz,

Can you please expand the error? or maybe copy the error message in here? I need more details to see what is not working.

Also if you can show me the output from the IMAP that would be great, if it feels more comfortable to do this 1 on 1 please DM me, we can eventually explain the solution here for all others.

KR Bram

Hi Bram,

Thank you. I have DMed you. :smiley: