IMAP + CHATGPT + SMTP flow bugs

I have a simpel flow when an email comes through IMAP chat gpt makes an awnser and I send it out with SMTP.

But for every email I send I get mulitple responses. The IMAP triggers get activated mulitple times with 1 email on diffrent times it is exactly the same as Onay discribes in this post:

But then the same email came 4 more times. Under Runs I can see that the run has been triggered 5 times.

How could I solve this or fix this?

Every email I send it works but everytime I got 4-6 emails back. And also in runs I can see it is activated 4-6 times.

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Hey Media Moens @onay did you guys find a solution yet? Because I am facing the same problem. Thanks. The IMAP connection works but it keeps getting triggered with the same email. When I tried this flow on, there it works fine so I’m not sure what the issue is. @MoShizzle do you have an idea? I noticed you solved many problems here already :slight_smile:

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