I'd Like To Create A RSS to ChatGPT To WordPress Post

Hi all,

I know this is possible. But I have been struggling for 2 days trying to get it to work.

The Workflow should pick up new content on the RSS feed, process it through ChatGPT (summarise) then rewrite the article, with the correct HTML, then upload to WordPress.

Please help me on this.


Hello @sunnypat81 , Welcome to the community :wave:,

Are you encountering any errors in this flow? Could you please share details/screenshots for it?

Hey Kishan,

Great to be here :slight_smile:

RSS to CGPT To WordPress - Activepieces

Here is the workflow. The actual first step (ask Chatgpt) isnt being picked up by the RSS.

The RSS was also a little tricky to solve as AP would not detect it. Reading in the community, I saw it needed to go through a Google Proxy.

It would be ideal if we could work together to get this solved :slight_smile:

Bump for assistance here brother @kishanprmr :wink:

Can you please share the flow and make sure to remove any personal details?

Did the RSS step fetch any feeds when you tested the trigger?

Thanks @kishanprmr - I have already shared a link to the flow.

Here it is again - Import Flow - Activepieces

Please can we have a quick call (happy for it to be recorded to help others) - so that we can fix this and I can continue using the product? I feel this will be far quicker than back and forth.


Thanks for the Flow link. In the “Ask ChatGPT” step, you need to insert data from the RSS step such as title, description, or summary. This data will be used by ChatGPT to summarize. Currently, you have a prompt saying “summarize the article” without any context from the RSS item. Check out this RSS and OpenAI integration guide.

Thank you. A Step closer. It is not publishing it properly on WordPress. I am following this guide but still not finding a place to enter the rewritten title and content Use ChatGPT to automate writing long blog posts on WordPress (1,500+ words) · Activepieces

Okay I have got it to publish but its not showing the correct formatting, like headers etc.

Hi @kishanprmr - Sorry, me again :slight_smile:
So I think I have the headers being generated consistently. My final piece that I need is the meta description - I cant see how to do that with the wordpress connection on here. Can you advise?

Are you using any SEO plugin for meta fields?

Yes, I use Zynith!
But I am not married to it - and happy to change to another one which works better with your flow?