I can't choose folder in Google Drive

Hello, it seem like I can’t select folder in google drive. They are not showing up

Try the following (in order):

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Reconnect your Google Drive connection
  3. Delete and re-add your Google Drive connection entirely

This is not working, I even tried to start a new flow. It is Loading and them Show nothing but «Parent folder». This is really a problem since I can’t turn on the automation or every new file on my drive is going trought the flow.

Hi @Kevin,

Is there anything special about the account? For instance, is it part of a team drive?

Could you please import this flow and then proceed to “run” the second step (after selecting your connection)? It should return results. Do you see your folders, or is it empty?



Hello. It’s my drive but i share access.

I don’t see the folder.