HTTP Request to IGDB

I am trying to connect to the IGDB API. My request in Hoppscotch goes through without any issues - I get a list of ten games. However, in ActivePieces, the API responds as if the body is empty. I wonder if this is because the data in the request is in the body object? Or does it not matter? I would be very grateful for any guidance, as I have been struggling with this for several hours…

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Not related to the issue (or maybe it is, idk)… I’ll probably be bored later today so I’m gonna create a new piece for this service. Any actions you’d like?

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Would be awesome to search game by title and get data about it. Also (what I’m trying to do now) - get url to cover images.

However, these API requests are executed there by entering a single string in body (similar to SQL queries, I think), so if it were possible, it would be totally enough. Because constructing the string itself is relatively simple.

Hello @3rtt , Welcome to the community :wave:,

In the HTTP request, please ensure that you send the body as Raw Text type. Refer to the attached image for example.

Hi @kishanprmr ,

Thanks - I tried with raw body and with JSON. Every time I get empty response:

I suspect that the cause might be that in ActivePieces, the body contains a data object with the payload, while the IGDB API expects only a string. But these are just loose guesses…

On the other hand, when my payload has quotation marks, I get a Syntax Error.

I’m working on this piece right now. Yesterday i ran into an issue with github codespaces (where i develop pieces)

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Hi @PFernandez98 , Any successes with this piece?