HTML smtp emails

Hi, it would be great to have the option to choose between text and html version of emails sent.

At the moment it’s very limiting having only the option to choose text email as someone who use automation a lot for sending emails.

Hope that something you can add as having the option is is mostly just make a simple change on the script you are working with to send emails.


Yes, exactly, surprised the limitation existed for such a core piece.

We should surface this to the top of priorities @kishanprmr can you take care of this?

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Absolutely, I’ll prioritize this.

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Thanks @ashrafsam @kishanprmr


We have added the option to select between text and HTML formats for the SMTP piece.



That is great, thanks a lot.

By the way just in case you don’t know it show up on the new smtp automation but the option to change not showing up on automation that were created before the update you made.

Hey Kishan,

Any chance you could add attachments to SMTP too?

Not sure if this helps: To send an email along with attachment using SMTP | by Sanket Doshi | Medium

Or this helps: email - Sending mails with attachment via NodeJS - Stack Overflow



You need to recreate SMTP step for old flow to reflect new html/text dropdown option.

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Can we get attachments via SMTP? @kishanprmr

Let’s start by understanding what it takes to do it first @kishanprmr What does it take to do the attachments for SMTP?

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Hi @ashrafsam it only takes to accept the PR: feat: add attachment to smtp piece by pfernandez98 · Pull Request #4349 · activepieces/activepieces · GitHub :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

@S_M i sent the PR, if they accept it, you are gonna get attachments for the smtp piece faaast

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SICK!!! The Wizard is back! @PFernandez98

Haha! You’re a beast @PFernandez98

So, it will be out soon!

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