How would you describe AP’s support?

I’ll add my own perspective in after, but feel free to chime in!

I’ll pin the topic so we can hear about this, feel free to post the link to Discord as well.

I took some time to collect my thoughts on this, I think I can best describe it as: “lacking, but understandably so”. While slow response times are no problem at all and even expected given the impressively small team, I’ve also seen things seemingly get ignored on a fairly regular basis.

It makes perfect sense that there’s only community support without an Enterprise license, but I feel like there’s an important distinction to be made between “How to use”-support and “Doesn’t work”-support.
The former can absolutely be left to the community, but better documentation and error handling are essential to keep this model sustainable. I’d love to help people more, but that’s very difficult without helpful error messages.
The occasional lack of acknowledgement of the latter category worries me though. I’m absolutely fine with waiting and working around issues (ideally even contributing fixes for them), but some form of “we wrote it down, no ETA” or “here’s a GitHub issue you can follow” would be nice. Critical incident response has been nothing but fast and effective though, very happy to see that.

Overall I’m pretty satisfied, @abuaboud is an absolute trooper helping people out on the Discord and I’m delighted to see that since the discussion on polishing the product has improved significantly!

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1 1/2 cent worth of from me. :slight_smile:
For me being a home user 90% of the time, and use the cloud version when I am stuck. The support here and on discord (again for me) has been educational and very helpful. I am glad to see the efforts in polishing the overall product, and how the fixes normally get addressed and sent out timely. I do not know the total number of persons on staff that work at AP, but the community itself is great, and some have directly helped with my issues. I’m not a programmer or even close to being one. I love to learn and experiment with techology and to be honest, applications like this whilie business practical and business minded, it allows people like me to learn and maybe gain some good knowledge and maybe even come up with something useful for others to use. (Well…) . The support again to me has been very vaulable, and timely. To throw a number out there. If there are 10K people that are actively using the application, cloud and home use and this team is supporting both groups, via discord, and here, all the while maintaining a cloud version and open source versions, Kudos!! Not being a programmer or really understanding all the different languages, and codes, etc… The overall effort is refreshing to say the least. It is appreciated (at least by me). There are many here that support others and again, not sure if they are community or part of AP, but the support is great. Granted I to wish there were a bit more documentation available, however, most of my issues I run into, are not always related to AP, but again, reaching out; someone normally provides answers or give directions on how to make whats needed work. Like anything, it takes time to get things close to 100%, and once that happens, change occurs and new tweaks are needed.

For being a hobbist at best, I appreciate all the effort from AP and the community as a whole.

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