How Would I Modify The "ChatGPT Long Blog Post" Flow To Create A .docx File Rather Than A Worpress Post?


Flow I Am Currently Using: I am currently the flow Ashraf created, “Use ChatGPT to automate writing long blog posts on WordPress (1,500+ words)”.

Flow I would Like to Create: I would like to use the same flow except I would like for it to output the article to a .docx file rather than a WordPress post, replacing step number 10. Ideally, I would like the output to be written to one long .docx file. For example, in Google sheets, if there are 10 rows representing 10 articles to be written, I would like all 10 articles to be placed in a single .docx file.

Any insights you can provide are greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


I am still looking for some input on this and would appreciate any suggestions any of you may have.

Thanks in advance for your help and have a great day!

@DigiPlace, I don’t know if Word is supported, but you can add a piece for a Google Doc just before the WordPress Piece, then click the WordPress piece and copy the settings across to the Google Doc piece as demonstrated below:

Then from your Google Drive you can download them as a docx.

As for outputting all of the articles into one document, you will likely need to modify the loop/flow and add a branch piece to use some conditional logic to check the sheet for all 10 rows, and then write and store each blog on each iteration of the loop, this way you can create all 10 blogs before exiting the loop or branch piece and then you can add all 10 outputs to Google Doc piece.

The problem with the way the flow is set up at the moment, is that the flow is set to trigger each time a new row is added to a Google Sheet. Which means each time you add a new row to your sheet, it triggers the flow which will always create a new instance of that flow, you can verify this by looking under your runs, you will see it creates a separate instance for each row, so it will always only output one article to a Google Doc each time because that is how the flow is currently designed.

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Hi GunnerJnr,

Nice to hear from you. I will try your suggestion of using Google Docs.

My objective is to create a flow that is capable of generating short, lead magnet type of documents. Their final form for distribution would most likely be PDF, so I thought creating .docx files would work well. Google Docs may work well for this.

Thanks again for your input an have an exceptional day!

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