How to wait for 1 hour

I have a Google sheets new row triggers. I want to know how to make the flow wait for 1 hour before it moves to the next step.

I have added a delay step for 1 hour, but the next step doesn’t fire. Everything works fine without the delay step.

Any help.

Hello @Carson_W, welcome to our community :heart:

The next step after the delay won’t get executed until the hour has passed, since all is good without it, just give it an hour then look back at your runs, and you should see it proceeded as expected.

Thanks, @Abdul.

After each delay they flow errors out.

  "response": {
    "status": 400,
    "body": {
      "error": "E39",
      "message": "Oops, something went wrong, check that you have added all the required parameters and that all the types are correct. Here is a list of the required parameters: ['name', 'phone', 'seat_id']. Verify this params: ['name', 'phone']"
  "request": {
    "body": {
      "name": "",
      "phone": "",
      "seat_id": "64559d1ef4a8b95061e3442f"

There should be a name and phone included, but after the delay those tokens are missing.

Everything works fine without the delay

do you mind taking a screenshot of your flow so we can have a better picture of what’s being done ?

Here are the screenshots

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish. When a new line is added to the Google sheet I want to wait one hour and then have the next step trigger sending a text message from another software.

Can you make sure your request body has the parameters ‘name’ and ‘phone’ and that they have values in the trigger payload ? hit “Load data” after selecting the trigger “New Row” to populate it with sample data, so the flow can mimic what would happen in a real run.

Yeah, this means the new row that was added didn’t have the name and phone value, click on the trigger in the run to see that yourself.

There is a new line, without the delay the flow works. When I add the delay the https step is always empty.

When you add the delay does it carry the info from the first step or does it try to get new info?

If it tries to get new info, then yes there will be a blank line.

It carries the info from the previous steps no issue, could you please go to a run where an issue is occurring and select the trigger and send us a screenshot of its output/input ?

Here’s the whole flow:

One more image from the flow

Hi @Carson_W, in the run you can see that the output of the trigger is null, can you select the trigger step and scroll down to the bottom to see the version of the piece ? if it has an orange circle next to it, please replace your trigger and fill in the info again so you are running the newest version then publish and try again, and if you can, please keep track of the records that were inserted.

I changed the trigger and tried again. When I add a new row this is what the trigger shows.

It has collected the row information. However after the delay the output says null and the flow fails.

The output for the “Send HTTPS” has all the proper information, but missing the name and phone number. (image in next message)

Removing the delay everything works as it should.


Thanks for the screenshots. this is a bug that our team is working on a fix for, please bare with us until that happens for the time being, I recommend you use our store step, to store and retrieve the trigger data before/after delay

ok I’ll give that a shot

Hi there @Carson_W this issue has been recently fixed with an update we rolled out, thanks a lot for reporting it, happy automation :smile:

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