How to use image in the next piece? (AP forms beta)

Hello World!

Can someone please help me figure out, how I can use the attached documents from the form (AP forms beta) in the next pieces.

I try to use the output directly as an image for LinkedIn post but it now work. How to make is work?

in case is an image, video or pdf.

Please help!!!

@izr_amine Hi. What is the next step in the flow? I am using the storage piece once I get the trigger from the form then I take the input and store it. The rest of the flow, I just reference back to what was submitted through the form. Also what and how are you using what is submitted via the form? At the end of my flow, I am sending a response back with a different file that is generated further down in the flow. However, on another flow, I am using a file (image) that was submitted via form, and modifying it some, then upload to site, or google, etc…

May need to provide a bit more info as to what errors you are having and where…

I want to write LinkedIn post using gpt and publish with the file attached in the form
the file can be image, video or pdf

@IOBLR mention you again, cuz I know you have the answer!
How we can do that?

Sharing an Image post with existing LinkedIn integration works well, However sharing PDF or Videos is not yet directly supported by AP, They do have custom API call option.

This seems like a great time to work on this as I want automate sharing of PDF documents myself.
I need to experiment with this a little as LinkedIn is one of the non-friendly API I have worked with.

For now, Keep everything as is and while posting to LinkedIn, in Image field enter

Replace ACTUAL_FILE_CONTENT_BASE64_DATA with the actual file content and that’s it, Run the flow and you will see the post along with the image.

PS: I will probably look into LinkedIn API for posting documents in the weekend.


For the image is perfect!

I have one more question please, In case I have multiple images. it’s possible to upload this images in one post?

Please keep me update what you find to deal with videos and PDFs


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With the current integration AP has with LinkedIn, it’s not possible.
With their APIs it’s definitely possible.

Sure, Once I am done with the PDF sharing flow and have it working, I will update you, will try to implement support for multiple images per post as well.

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