How to use conditional logic to update records in AItable?

Hi, there

I’m wanting to see if I can create a flow where it either 1. adds a new record or 2. updates an existing record.

Retreat attendees fill out a form in and either have a new record created in AItable, or have their existing record updated.

I’m using the following linked datasheets in AItable, and may create more over time:

  • people
  • registrations
  • retreats

I say that because I’m not sure how a new application via would add a row into the ‘registrations’ datasheet, while also either 1. add a new person into the people datasheet or 2. update an existing person in the people datasheet.

This may be more something to chat with AItable support about, but thought I’d ask here first :blush:.

Thanks a bunch

Hello @nathanmaingard ,

Are there any unique fields associated with new registrations that can distinguish between new and existing users? If such fields exist, what is the name of the field in the table and what is its data type? We can utilize the Find Records action to verify the existence of a person within the people table.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me

A unique field in the People table should be the person’s email, I think :innocent:, which would also exist in the Registrations table. There’s ‘email’ field in the People datasheet, and ‘Registrant Email’ in the Registrations datasheet.

A unique field in the Registrations field will be the registration number, field named ‘Regnumber’, it’s an autonumber field.

Hope that’s clear enough, I’m still learning all the connections, terminologies, etc

Thanks again

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