How to update a version of an outdated piece in the cloud version?

Hi everyone,
for some pieces I seem to have an outdated version such as this.

I’d update it if it was clear how to do that when using the cloud version. The help only points out to run “npm…” which seems to be for the self hosted version only.

Any insights on this?

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I noticed it too, but I assume we have auto updates on the cloud

Even on the the self hosted version, I usually update every 2 or 3 days, and some pieces such as HTML piece remain in an oldiest version. Don’t know how to upgrade…

Hi Everyone,

By default, we auto-update the pieces if possible, such as fixes, improvements, or adding actions/triggers on self-hosted/cloud platforms.

What you have usually occurs with early pieces because sometimes developers add new required fields or remove fields while we are still in the learning phase, and it’s more common for the piece inputs to change rather than the piece stopping working. This update requires human intervention to prevent breaking people’s draft versions.

The current update experience involves removing the piece and adding it again. I wouldn’t upgrade the piece, If the flow is working.

That being said, I think we should improve the experience by detecting the newly required fields or removed fields and implementing some sort of confirmation dialog that show can be used with upgrade button to ensure that the changes are still valid. Now, if we break a single action, we have to increment the piece version, which may not be related to your used action/trigger, this seems another area of improvement.

Thank you for your asking.


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