How to sync Notion tasks with Google Tasks

I use Notion and Tiago Forte’s PARA system. I have a task list in Notion, but the UI is cumbersome and doesn’t integrate with my Google calendar.
I’m trying to use activepieces to create a 2-way sync between Notion and Google Tasks
It works to send Notion tasks to Google Tasks.
It fails when sending Google Tasks to Notion with this error message:
“path failed validation: path.page_id should be a valid uuid” for any Database option I try (it shows me a list from my Google Task).
Is there a way to make this work?

Hello @subscribed.eric , Welcome to the community :wave:,

Could you please provide more details about the error occurring in the Google Tasks to Notion flow? At which step is this error happening?

It’s in the ‘add Database item’ for Notion

You need to provide the Item ID for the item you want to update. Currently, you’ve given the Task Title as the ID, which is incorrect and causes an error. You can add a new step using the Find Database Item action of the Notion piece to locate the associated item with the Google Task. Then, you can use that ID in the update action. You can refer this post with similar use case.

thanks for your help!

How to sync Notion tasks with Google Tasks now try to visit this

Hi, I’m not sure what you intended by your last post. Would you please clarify?
Thanks, Eric

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