How to stop a running Flow?

Hi there,

How do stop a running flow? It seems like I can’t is that correct.

Kr Bram

This is not currently possible, how did you end up needing to stop a running flow?

Good question, I have some flows I need to test, which have around 50-75 currently one with 61 items to loop. within each loop i have around 10 different steps. which mean around 600 tasks to run.

When i run a test, i can stop the execution, but I noticed that when a loop in involved it just continues.

  1. it’s doing this i don’t want so putting data in wrong places i.e.
  2. It’s a waste of tasks, i do have enough though but still i have to wait for it to be finished to make sure i am not breaking the system.

But it might also be a bug because you would expect the execution to stop during a test when you press stop.




I have the same issue. Not sure how it’s happening, but there seems to be multiple runs happening at the same time.

It seems like there’d be two useful things to add here:

  1. Automatically skip starting a new run if there’s already one active for the same Flow
  2. A button to stop any of the active flows

Meanwhile, what’s the best way to stop these?


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